Hello to you and welcome to your page. My name is Muriel Mben. I am an author of three published books. I am a researcher and language expert. I offer face-to-face and online writing workshops, translation and research services. .

Creative writing services

  • Face-to-face and online consultation for authors
  • Creation and animation of writing workshops
  • Time management and productivity strategy to finish your book
  • Motivation for authors
  • Discovery of African literature
  • Creation of blog articles
  • Conferences to present my novels

Editorial and translation services

  • Proofreading of blog articles, scholar articles, novels (in French)
  • Creation and speech production for your conferences and love ones
  • Translation of corporate and institutional paperwork
  • Translation of website content from French to English, German to French

Research Consulting services

  • Cultural and language research and preservation
  • Research strategy for cultural studies

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